Monday, July 28, 2008

Harvest Moon DS: Casino: Poker

I know it's not very proper to post this without posting a guide to Harvest Moon itself, but you can find one at but they don't have a proper guide to the Casino game, Poker, so I'll try and lay out a few principles I try to stay by. (I'll include screenshots when I have more time.)

Of course, before anything, you have to buy medals! I suggest you buy around 30 and then begin playing.

Note: There's not even half a point in memorising what multiplies your medals by how much. Your score will be displayed so you don't have to.

When you first go to Hops, he will welcome you and give you the option of playing poker, see how to play, and quit. Of course, if it is your first time, you might want to see how to play poker, but since I'm already showing you, maybe not :). So select play poker.

First, you have to decide how many medals you wish to bet. Bet 10. It's not much.

The cards that sparkle are part of a winning hand. Usually, you'll have at least one pair. Well, in my luck anyway. Then you can select the cards you wish to trade to get more cards that sparkle together to multiply your score. I suggest selecting all cards that don't sparkle, so if you have no part of a winning hand, just select all, then press OK.

After you press the OK button, and you have at least two cards that are sparkling, the screen will say 'You win!' and give you the options of Doubling Up, playing another round, and quitting. (And if you don't win, it will say 'You lose' and you'll have to start another round, or quit.) Always go for double up, unless you got Royal Flush (which isn't as rare as it seems!), and you're new to it.

So that's about it about Poker. Next post will be about Doubling Up :D.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Book Review: A Series of Unfortunate Events

I recommend this to EVERYBODY. Emos, optimists, pesimists (LOL is that right spelling?), realists, authours about to be executed work too 8D


A Series of Unfortunate Events is MAINLY about the lives of Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire, after they become orphans through a terrible fire that destroyed their mansion and their parents, Bertrand and --------. They are sent to live with Count Olaf, (by a family friend, Mr. Poe) a horrible man who is part of a theatre troupe. His members include a hook-handed man, two woman who like to wear white powder all over their faces and a man who looks like neither a woman or a man.

Count Olaf is mean and greedy (understatement) and makes the Baudelaires do unpleasant chores such as chopping wood and cooking his meals. During the short period they live with him, Count Olaf is hatching a plan to get his filthy hands (quite literally) 0n the Baudelaire fortune.

Next door to Count Olaf is a kindly woman called Justice Strauss who tries her best to help the Baudelaires as much as she can. It is through their library that the Baudelaires learn of Olaf's evil scheme, and it is through this that they foil it. Unfortunately Count Olaf escapes, and Mr. Poe takes away the children to another guardian.

The whole story goes on like this, landing the orphans in unfortunately, very stupid guardians, where Count Olaf finds them and tries to steal their fortune through various disguises including a receptionist, a sailor and a coach.

If you were to squint, however, you would realise that very little of the story actually tells about the Baudelaires at all. Most of the pages tell stories in passing about the authour, Lemony Snicket's, own life and his usually long and ridiculous explanations of words, and feelings, and ridiculous situations:

'We've already managed to annoy thousands of animals,' Klaus said, almost dropping the pitcher as a gnat stung his wrist. 'I don't think we have much choice. I think we have to head into the cave and take our chances.'
Violet nodded in agreement but looked nervously at the entrance to the cave. Taking one's chances is like taking a bath, because sometimes you end up feeling comfortable and warm, and sometimes there is something terrible lurking around that you cannot see until it is too late and you can do nothing else but scream and cling to a plastic duck.

The story is written in first person, from the authours' POV, since it seems he takes an active role in the story, although the Baudelaires never discover who he is.

The story overall is laughable at some times and sometimes it makes me cry (although that might be because I couldn't pray that day ahahahaha...). At any rate, it's a rewarding read, just make sure you don't read volume 2 before you go to sleep or volume 10 in the bath.

1. The Bad Beginning
2. The Reptile Room
3. The Wide Window
4. The Miserable Mill
5. The Austere Academy
6. The Ersatz Elevator
7. The Vile Village
8. The Hostile Hospital
9. The Carnivorous Carnival
10. The Slippery Slope
11. The Grim Grotto
12. The Penultimate Peril
13. The End

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Me Profile

Hi everybody... I guess I'm going to use this blog to post up interesting information and guides to all my fandoms :D But first and foremost is my profile!

Name: Shadow. Everybody calls me that... with the exception of my best friend who calls me Hime*...


Location: Malaysia. But I'm Irish 'kay?

Hobbies: Uh... writing stories... (my friends constantly urge me to write a novel), surfing the internet... I also read. A lot. And collecting books just for teh sake of making my bookcase look full (even if the books are stolen from my dad >:D)

Hmm... I don't watch TV much do I...

Favourite TV shows: CSI NY. That's all I watch.

Favourite films: ...Cars... Transformers... that's all apparently...

Favourite anime: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Ouran Koukou Hosuto Kurabu, Chobits... I occasionally read a few chapters of xxxHOLiC and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.

Favourite games: Harvest Moon DS, Dragon Fable, Neopets!

Favourite books: A Series of Unfortunate Events, Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia

Hate: Uh... animal abusers (/cough/my brother/cough/), crappy books of the 20th century, how blandly CLAMP talk of sex, yaoi, yuri, lemons, LEECHES

Love: Kyouya-kun!! /cough/ From Ouran, romance >:), Uni-sama from KHR!, REVIEWS, horse-riding, being with my precious friends... probably much more...

I have a 4 cats (3 are still kittens though), Felixr (mother), Kyouya, Samurai, Patches, 2 geese, Kasturi and Peanut, a terrapin named Flower and... the occasional python that visits our geese which get eaten by Felixr.


Here, I will also post my random thoughts, book reviews... etc... you can also visit me here: